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Sustaining Forests

Our forests provide human society with many useful and important products and services, with the added benefit that these products and services are renewable if the resource is managed carefully. These include the obvious products made from timber (from lumber, particleboard, and millwork to paper, to woodchips for biofuel) and specialty products such as mushrooms, birch bark, and ginseng; and wildlands for recreational activities such as hiking, fishing, hunting, kayaking, photography, etc. In addition, there are less-obvious benefits such as clean water for towns and cities; open space; and habitat for animals from bears, deer, and bobcats to salamanders, butterflies, and trout. However, maintaining sustainability requires knowledge of how forest ecosystems work and how changing climate and human influences are affecting them. Studies by NRS scientists help us gain that knowledge.

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Sustaining Forests e-Learning Webcast

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The Northern Research Station recently launched the NRS Sustainable Forests Webcast Series, which presents monthly webinars on a variety of forest management and research initiatives.

What we know about northern white-cedar and why you should care: May 20, 2010, 11:00 AM (Eastern)

photo of Dr. Laura S.  KeneficDr. Laura S. Kenefic, Principal Silviculturist
Center for Research on Ecosystem Change
Northern Research Station
USDA Forest Service

More information and/or watch the archived webcast.

Last Modified: 10/27/2010

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Changing Forests – Challenging Times: Proceedings of the New England Society of American Foresters 85th Winter Meeting. Kenefic, Laura S.; Twery, Mark J., eds.


Forest Management Guides

Northern Forest Management Guides - contain updated management guides for Lake States tree species. The guides are designed for a wide range of users and provide general forestry background and specific tree growth and stand management standards. The red pine guide is available now and guides for other species are being prepared.